Dear Visitor,


Our company was founded back in 1991 as a family business in a small village called Ballószög next to Kecskemét. During the years the size of the  factory and the number of the employees multiplied several times. After Hungary joined the European Union our company obtained the qualification by the EU first in its category.

We acquire our animals over many decades from our long-term partners. We sell only self slaughtered, hungarian, top quality pork and beef. Our range of producst increased year by year today we cover almost all the segments of the market with our products.

During the production the most important things are the conventional taste, delightful scent and the excellent appearance to make our cutomers satisfied.

The direct managment makes a familiar environment and the professional employees together with the family constitute a  perfect workplace what is rare nowadays.


Yours Sincerely,

Kocsis Tünde

Executive Director